LET’S GET STARTED! Read this first:

DISCLAIMER#1: I am not a professional at this, I am speaking from my own experiences and want to share what worked for me.. can you even be a professional at this, haha?

DISCLAIMER #2: I will be talking about money quite a bit. I know this is an uncomfortable subject for some people (but you will learn why it SHOULDN’T be) and please go into this is a non-judging way. I am NOT bragging whatsoever, nor the opposite. We all have our opinions, feelings and thoughts about money but if you want this blog to be helpful for you, you NEED to have an open mind.

DISCLAIMER #3: Please keep in mind that I may sound crazy if you have never practiced manifestation, affirmations or know much about the law of attraction- but that’s okay! Go into reading this with an open mind.. seriously! And get EXCITED because this topic & my story may just get you HYPED and motivated to get started.

DISCLAIMER #4: This post may be a long one because it is something that has recently changed my life and I would LOVE if I can help you change yours.


Like I said, I am not a professional but these 4 things all go hand in hand for me. So, if you don’t know what they are, let’s set the record straight and let me give you the PROFESSIONAL definitions (from Google):

MANIFESTATION: bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief

AFFIRMATIONS: simple, positive statements declaring specific goals in their completed states

LAW OF ATTRACTION: the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life

VISUALIZATION: a mental rehearsal, you create images in your mind of having or doing whatever it is that you want & repeat these images over and over again, using your imagination to see yourself being successful in whatever goal you may have.


Let me tell you my personal manifestation story, because I truly think this is the easiest and most inspiring way of showing you how manifesting your goals and destiny truly works. If you don’t personally follow me now, you will learn more about my story as I tell it!

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, I loved growing up in a small town and I wouldn’t trade my childhood and high school experiences for anything, they were amazing. However, I always wanted to move to Florida. Don’t ask me why, I just went on a few vacations there when I was younger and I just kept saying it.. like since I was 13 years old.. that I wanted to live there (I love palm trees, sunshine and the beach). So ever since I was younger, it is just something that I always said and it never left my mind. Also, when anyone would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would always say that I wanted to own my own business. When they asked what kind of business, I did always say clothing boutique. Although, I don’t know why because I wasn’t even really ever a fashionista, I just liked to shop, haha! Being young, also thought it would be the easiest job ever because I didn’t actually have to work (L.O.L)😂😂! Little did I know business owners worked way more hours. Now, I’m not sure if this is something I always said to every single person who asked me.. BECAUSE when I would tell some people that, they would say.. well you can’t just OWN your own business, you have to start with working somewhere else. So, I started to believe them and would probably be too embarrassed to tell people what I really wanted when I was younger (this is a huge problem in our society in my opinion, don’t EVER put down someone else’s dreams).

FAST FORWARD… I am living in Florida and I own my own clothing boutique. YEAH. Keep in mind, I didn’t know what any of those terms above even were growing up. They just happened to be two things that I never changed my mind on and often thought about. Regardless HOW it happened, it did kind of just “fall into my lap” because I BELIEVED that SOME HOW, SOME WAY it just would. And it did.

Okay now just because it appears that I have achieved all my dreams from that simple story does not mean things have been easy or that I don’t have any more goals. Let’s start to talk about money. Please remember Disclaimer #2. Again, let’s go into this with a non-judgemental mind. Don’t judge or compare yourself, don’t judge my story or position. I may sound very money-driven, that I LOVE money and that money matters a lot to me. Guess what? It freaking does. I love money, I am driven by money and money matters to me. And I am NOT afraid of saying that. Try saying that to yourself. Gosh it feels good. Does love, family and friends matter to me too? Heck yes. But you guys, STOP BEING ASHAMED OF WANTING MORE MONEY. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Because I love money, does not mean that I am a greedy person, a greedy business owner or selfish. In fact, I try to tip well, treat people when I can and help people when I can. Let’s be real, money plays a huge factor in everyones life and it’s just a fact. There we go. Now, with that being said, I am not “rich” nor I am “struggling”. In fact, I am just like a lot of other people my age.. the thought of saving for an engagement ring, saving for a wedding, saving to buy a house while paying for rent and those dang student loans can sometimes be overwhelming! But try not to think that way, think in abundance. If are liking what you hear from that long paragraph, I HIGHLY suggest reading the book: You Are a Badass At Making Money

Speaking of books, when my mom and I started VSB back in 2017, I started getting into reading motivational/ self help books. I read You Are a Badass and Girl, Wash Your Face and those books really made me feel unstoppable and motivated me to believe I can do whatever I wanted. I still hadn’t really been much into Law of Attraction or Manifestation yet. However, I did start practicing Visualization, again, without even really realizing it. Ever since I was in college, I pictured my post-grad life in a fun beach town, living with Cody in a nice, new apartment and having two dogs, ideally a Golden Retriever and a Goldendoodle. If you know me, you know every single thing came true somehow or another. But Cody & I lived with my mom in a house that we rented for two years when we first moved to Florida. My mom and I are really close but it obviously would have been more ideal to live on our own. It just made more financial sense to live all together for a while. When we decided like 1.5 years into it that we were going to get our own place at the end of the lease, we really wanted to live right downtown in Sarasota. Just like most cities, it is really expensive to live downtown and when we were looking and planning to move, we felt like we were kind of in over our heads. However, I kept saying, don’t worry, I plan on making more money from my blogging business next year. Note that I said, I plan on it NEXT YEAR (2020). I easily could have been making money from blogging when I said that but I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be until next year that I would start making money from it. Starting in January 2020, when we moved in, I IMMEDIATELY started making WAY more money than before. Because I TOLD MYSELF and the UNIVERSE that it would happen when we moved. We now have exactly what I pictured I wanted and enough money to pay for it all. BAM.

Once all of this happened, I realized, DANG I really could speak anything I want into existence. I did it so many times already. I MANIFESTED everything I have now by VISUALIZING my life how it is now. Starting this year, I discovered The Law of Attraction on YouTube. I discovered Sam Ozkural on Youtube because she makes a ton of videos on this topic, she is awesome! There is also a Netflix movie called Law of Attraction that is so good too. I literally will “ask the universe” for what I want (this is where I told you I would sound crazy) and it will literally come to me. If you think this sounds like a bunch of “B.S.”, that’s okay, because I used to think so too. But here is the thing, you attract what you ask for because you will start to notice things that were always there but you always ignored them. For example, if you decide that you want to find another stream of income and you constantly think of it and want it bad enough, you will all of a sudden start to notice all the opportunities that arise. Those opportunities were there all along, you just never noticed them because you never wanted it bad enough in the past. You should REALLY watch that Netflix movie or look this up on YouTube, it is literally a GAME CHANGER and will BLOW YOUR MIND.

I bought that book You Are A Badass at Making Money a bit ago and read like half of it but didn’t take it too seriously. I ended up giving the book to my mom because I was done with it. My mom randomly decided to start reading it one day and then decided she loved the message so much that she downloaded the audio books and listens to it EVERYDAY and quotes it literally all day. My mom and I are both positive people but sometimes it can be defeating when you’d like your business to do better and it seems to be at a plateau (not that we were doing bad, but who doesn’t want their business to grow, right)? So I will say for a bit there we were in a bit of a slump mentally and it was hard to get past. When my mom started becoming “obsessed” with the ideas in this book, she started saying crazy things like “I love money” and “thank you money” when we would get an order. I always would laugh and still kinda do but when I saw how good it works, I literally thought it was witch craft.. no seriously😂👏. I would say “thank you money. I am now only $50 away from my goal, I would be so grateful for just one $50 order to end the day” and BAM an order for $52 would come in minutes later. It isn’t magic. You can’t just ask for a million dollars and then it show up on the sidewalk. There is more to it than that, you have to BELIEVE in it, WORK for it and WANT it. But since we have been practicing this mindset, our business is finally growing at the pace I’d like it to be at and DURING A PANDEMIC IN THE TRADITIONAL “J” MONTHS WHEN RETIAL IS KNOWN TO BE SLOW! (PS- I am re-reading that book now)!

The one thing I haven’t talked about too much is affirmations, this is because it isn’t something I have practiced a lot yet. However, I started to take things out of my vocabulary like “I cannot afford that” or “I am broke” or “I have no money” those are HUGE NO-NOS! Saying those things is affirming that those things are true. The next affirmation I am working on is “I am panic attack free” or “I have recovered from my anxiety”. If you know me, you know that anxiety & panic attacks have been things I have struggled with but I refuse to tell myself that is my truth anymore. I don’t want it to be my truth, so I will not say it and I will affirm otherwise!

You guys these concepts have been an absolute game changer for me and why else would I write this long blog post if it wasn’t possible for you as well! I linked all of my favorite resources throughout if you are ready to dive deeper. Now that I know what I know, I am trying to take it in as much as I can. I am trying to now picture my life and business in a month, a year, two years, etc. and working on that. Create a vision board. Let it consume your mind if you want something bad enough, whether that be losing weight, making more money, or flying a plane one day, you will make it happen.

I REALLY hope this has helped you in ANY way possible 💙I was going to combine this post with how I tackle my goals and organize myself to not get too overwhelmed but I am going to save that for a separate post. Let me know if there are any of these subjects that you would like to know more about or if you have any questions at all. Feel free to share!