So I thought I would do something a little different this blog post just for fun! I have a lot of new faces around here so I wanted to share 10 fun facts about me. These might be super random but I think the more random, the more fun! I also want to know fun facts about YOU as well- tell me the most RANDOM fact about you in this Insta Post!

SO… here are 10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Me (unless you actually REALLY know me 😜)!

  1. I almost opened a gym franchise with my mom– Before my mom & I opened Vogue Society Boutique, we went back and forth about what TYPE of business we wanted to own. At the time, I was a senior in college & we knew we wanted to open a business when I graduated and I was super into fitness at that point in my life. I also went to a gym called F45 in state college and when I found out it was a franchise, I wanted to move to Florida and open one. I thought it was fate. It was not. I am VERY glad I didn’t pursue it. But I was pretty serious about it at the time! Side note- if you have never heard of F45 look it up and see if you have one in your town… it’s an amazing workout!
  2. I played Field Hockey at Fairfield University my freshman year- I soon after transferred to Penn State University after my first semester. I really did not like it there, it was a small school and I knew in my heart I wanted to go to a big school. I also really was over playing sports by the time I got there. Transferring to PSU was the best decision EVER!
  3. My dad was my 7th grade history teacher- Yep, that’s allowed. Obviously if you went to high school with me you know this. But so many people think it’s so funny when I tell them that. He was the teacher everyone loved and it was more convenient to have a parent at my school all throughout jr. high and high school than anything else. And yes.. I got an A 😂
  4. I HATE MUSHY FOODS- Jello, ANY Potatoes (except fries), Applesauce, Yogurt, Pudding, Beats, Mushrooms…. just to name a few 😂
  5. Boomer is the 4th Golden Retriever I’ve ever had- I LOVE GOLDENS! Growing up, my parents had one named Crash and he lived at my dad’s once they got divorced. He passed when I was in 2nd grade and the next year I got Jackson. Then, my dad got another golden retriever named Boo when I was in high school. Unfortunately, he got really sick when he was only 1 year old and passed away. Jackson passed away last year after 14 long wonderful years. Boomer came into our life a few months ago. I swear he was sent to us by Jackson. Barkley (my goldendoodle) was really depressed and lonely after he passed away and we were thinking of getting a new dog. Boomer came at the most perfect time, it was truly meant to be.
  6. My house was always being renovated growing up- Right before high school we moved into a new house. One of those “worst houses and in the best neighborhood” type of deals. We renovated it from top to bottom, so I am really interested in flipping houses and such. However, it was HORRIBLE to live without a kitchen for 6 months one time and to always have dust around your house. Lol, worth it I guess.
  7. I want to invest in Real Estate one day- SOO.. I do have a long term financial plan (even though Cody laughs at how incompetent I am with financial things) BUT once my business grows enough to give me more than a sufficient income, I want to put that money into flipping an apartment building or condo by the beach as an investment property! And just so turns out that Cody wants to do the same!
  8. I ran two half marathons- My first one was when I studied abroad in Italy and I absolutely loved the training and that day was so amazing. I then ran one in Philadelphia with my dad a few months later with almost the exact time. I think around 1:52:00? I cannot imagine doing that today LOL but I would love to start training again- it is so rewarding!
  9. I had a lot of retail jobs growing up- I actually didn’t get a job in high school til my senior year and I was really thankful for that. BUT I got my first job at Macys, then I worked at Victoria’s Secret for a little. Then, the summer going into my senior Year of college, I interned at Target with their manager position. I actually really loved it and accepted a full time job with them but then I ended up leaving before I started full time so that I can go full time into Vogue Society Boutique!
  10. I have liked Cody since I was in 5th grade😂-LOL this is so funny but I would message him on AIM (#tbt) every single day back in they day. He was a big bad 6th grader but he did NOT like me back at the time. He finally ended up having a crush on ME when I was in 7th grade when we actually started to date! Besides for the year we broke up in college, we have been together ever since for more than 11 years!!! SO CRAZY!

Hope you enjoyed my random fun facts ❤️ Like I said, I love random fun facts, leave them on my Instagram post!